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Spooky Jobs That Pay Really Well

AU Job Connection October 26, 2020

If you think you have a strong stomach and nerves of steel, then perhaps you might want to consider a career on the creepier side of the workforce. Not every 9-5 happens in a cubicle. Keep reading to learn about a few spooky jobs that pay really well.


Could you handle seeing dead bodies all day? How about if you were the one responsible for washing them, embalming them, dressing them, and doing their hair and makeup? Not everyone is cut out to be a mortician, but this job averages a yearly salary of 60,000. If you would like to work in a quiet environment, with little drama from your clients, becoming a mortician could be right for you. Becoming a mortician does require training and a degree in mortuary science.

Cemetery Maintenance

Do you dream of quiet workdays outdoors? Don't mind hanging out with hundreds of dead people all day? Cemetery maintenance crews are responsible for keeping cemetery grounds clean, cut, and peaceful. This job requires little training, pays well, and definitely has job security. Cemetery maintenance is a physical job which will often require that you be out in the elements and of course a willingness to deal with the occasional ghost or two.

Crime Scene Investigator

Do you like to spend your downtime watching serial killer documentaries and crime scene dramas? Can you handle the blood or other bodily fluids spilled at a crime? This job requires a strong stomach, nerves of steel and good head for solving puzzles. Crime scene investigators make on average 60,000 a year and have the satisfaction of catching the bad guys at the end of the night.

Creepy jobs aren't for everyone, but if you think you have what it takes, maybe one of these creepy jobs are right for you.